"Rhythmic, unexpected, erotic, subjective
and of course sarcastic..."

Synth-punk | electro-rock, duo with Su Eko on Vocals/Bass and Harris Iveson on Guitar/Synths.

Velvet Kills is a thoroughly modern and urban endeavour, speaking directly to today’s society - with all its anxieties, addictions, destructiveness as well as  exhilaration.  You'll find in their driving beats raw emotion, and a terrific darkness. The sound is complex, almost abstract - a combination of cinematic textures, gritty guitars, and potent vocals.​

"In The Gold Mine"

Velvet Kills Premier New Music Video

Pushing us down into the depths of a mine shaft, with its dusky synths, scratchy guitars, and harsh and grinding beats, the song burns with the pale fire of

Su Eko’s lyrics that mirror the Jungian shadows of a world placed under the sins of the unconscious mind, watching the vultures of our economic system descend, with lies whispered into our ears.

“In the Gold Mine” stylishly strobed video dark 80s infused video was Directed and Produced by Art Mistake and Antonio Colombini, and features F ∇ T ∇ P L ∆ S T ∆ as Director of Photography and Visuals of Astronauta Mecanico.


Velvet Kills Announced New Album

Velvet Kills announced their new album titled “Bodhi Labyrinth” Vinyl/12 released in March 2020 alongside Icy Cold Records, Manic Depression Records and Unknown Pleasures Records.

The duo opens the doors of “Bodhi Labyrinth” premiering their music video “Bitch Face” directed by Alan Deprez, image by Nicolaos Zafiriou and David Patel.

Awakening the labyrinth of our minds to be freed from hate, greed and ego this album brings us to the reality of our actual society. The messages come coded in sarcasm, euphemism, hyperbole and irony where the two dig into the files of a lonely civilization and question the purpose of life vs government structures where we "Cash and Move" and where love is forgotten.Inside the “Noise” of the apocalyptic war a “Hangover Calling” to the universe to rise humans to a higher state of positive vibration.“The Key” is Love. 

Mastering: Slade Templeton | Album Cover: Art Mistake | Makeup an Hair: Susana Santos
Labels: Icy Cold Records, Manic Depression Records, Unknown Pleasures Records

“Bitch Face”

Velvet Kills and Announced New Music Video

Life in a fast paced society... where romance is lost in time..."Bitch Face” tells the story of a woman craving to nurture her senses.

A metaphor for her thoughts and desires, this song speaks of liberation, with just a drop of sarcasm and a pinch of irony added into the mix.

Insatiable Appetite To Create

"Harris Iveson dominates the synthesisers and the electric guitar and Su Eko the voice and electric bass. The proposal is divided between the Gothic and Rock confined to kitsch synth.

The duo turned their music into diverse perspectives.

Something that resembles a ball of mirrors that produces different patterns whether melodic or rhythmic.

Added to this is the singer's performance that transforms a relatively small stage into something as gigantic as it is stupefyingly adorable.
She sings in a phantasmagoric echo and by dominating the tripod she insinuates her self cybernetically, a doll that has her heart overflowing with an electrifying love and by joining that her Hawaiian partner, the songs reverberate with a hypnotic vibration.


He is in that circumstance a living face that is dead in an act of community reflection of those who submit to a state of timeless inaccessibility in a micro-cellular pointillism that suspends itself in the air invisibly and frames macro organisms that move according to the beat of the heart, that bomb ready to explode in a BANG! and transforms it into radioactive power that the wind spits.VK music talks directly to now a days society which is at the centre of all the evil witch we are all victims of.


This duo was the greatest invention against capitalism that blindly transformed money into a good that is a hidden dictator in the lives of these poor and ignorant people who confuse good and evil, beauty with ugliness ignominies it with honor."


- Romanta

Velvet Kills premiere their video ‘Faster Speed Faster’

"Velvet Kills released their debut EP in March 2016, "Memory". In four titles, they pose a dark and rough atmosphere, carried by a hoarse voice and some dirty electrical dissonances.

Deep bass scraping, hissing machinery, you would think you were in the subway, and you do not dare touch the walls too much for fear of stuffing a trick. The atmosphere is cinematic. With "Clog" for example, one wakes up in a film of SF, one expects to see on the wall the screen of the videophone and to see the spaceships through the window. The slender notes of synth accompanied by a few bass distortions, make the atmosphere of "Memory" heavy and moist. "Rain" electrocutes us, with these noises of machinery in the rain, it will necessarily end badly.


Photo by Andi Kühn

It is exactly the atmosphere that the Velvet Kills wish to leave, this cold side to the Joy Division, from which they take again "Shadowplay", we almost hear them say: "Do not count on this music to shock you, life is just like this.

It's raw, be careful: it will be too electro for the purists, but it's a great soundtrack for greyish urban journeys."

- La Grosse Radio

"Velvet Kills have a unique sound and an interesting way to delivering it...this band knows how to make a song that raises the tension and their game with ease. I’ve never heard anything quite like this."

- Thinking Lyrically

Photo by Andi Kühn

"Displaying an insatiable appetite to create and evolve Velvet Kills also confirm completion on their LP Mischievous Urges release in 2017 under the labels Oráculo Records and Unknown Pleasures Records and later in Gold Autumn Compilation (UPR079) with Norma Loy - Baphomet Sunrise (Remix) and  Eyes of the Snake.

​Their cold goth music with a hint of punk attitude (we must see them in addition to listening to them) will not fail to warm the coldest hearts to the idea of this fall that falls on us a little early".
- Obscure Magazine


Photo by Andi Kühn

"VK are currently based in Lisbon and the first musical works were made shortly thereafter. In a wild mixture of electro rock, synth-punk, psychedelic, darkwave and post-punk, the songs of the debut "Mischievous Urges" offer plenty of variety. From warrant ideas as they might come from Alien Sex Fiend, to gloomy menacing atmospheres - this disc, which is only conceivable in an urban context, offers a real excess of excellent approaches. In their raw design, some titles have the charm of the early 80s Batcave / Deathrock scene, while others have run on the dance floors of hip international dance clubs. Finding something uniform is hard, unifying is only unanimity. Further so, new artists needs the country"

- Sonic Seducer Magazine

Photo by Andi Kühn

Velvet Kills recently performed in Leipzig at Gothic Pogo Festival and later in Vendée at Festival Le Rêve Du Lac ( a solidarity festival to help to raise funds 100% of the association’s benefits are given to the children of Kenscoff's school in Haiti) where they announced their next release to 2020 and presence at Mini Cave Festival and North Shadows Festival.


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