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"Bodhi Labyrinth Re-Imagined"

What if you Re-imagined?

“Bodhi Labyrinth-RE-IMAGINED” is the lasted release of Velvet Kills.

A remix album featuring remixes from Bjoerlin (Bitch Face), LOLA ZAZA (Cash and Move), Anyer Quantum (Bitch Face) and CHRIS SHAPE (Noise).

Imagine Sisters Of Mercy going techno on Bitch Face, British DJ Goldie joining the party with a jungle vibe injection of Cash And Move, another mix of Bitch Face doing your head in with doomed bass drones and Noise, a speedy pitch-dark wave banger, making your head spin like Linda Blair in The Exorcist. Get the sonic picture? If this is what will blast out of the devil’s speakers on Doomsday you hope that the Apocalypse party is coming

Bodhi Labyrinth Re- Imagine

Last year the duo Velvet Kills released an impressive 4-track record titled Bodhi Labyrinth with this key message: “Awakening the labyrinth of our minds to be freed from hate, greed and ego this album brings us to the reality of our actual society”. Now Velvet Kills shared a re-imagined version of the original EP with a choice selection of carefully crafted remixes by some of their friends.

The album cover was designed by Su Eko @ Art Mistake, a surreal collage composed with parts of the bodies of the artists featured in the album.

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