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Bodhi Labyrinth - RE-IMAGINED Remixes Album The PRE-ORDER already started!

Velvet Kills announced the pre-order of their upcoming remix album titled "Bodhi Labyrinth-RE-IMAGINED".

The album is set to land in late February 2021 featuring remixes from: Bjoerlin, Manu Ferrantini, LOLA ZAZA, Anyer Quantum and CHRIS SHAPE .

The album promises a remix with great music with the pre-order starting today with the track of Bjoerlin (Bitch Face).

2.Velvet Kills - Cash and Move (Lola Zaza Remix)view

3.Velvet Kills - Hangover Calling (Manu Ferrantini Remix)view

4.Velvet Kills - Bitch Face (Anyer Quantum Remix)view

5.Velvet Kills - Noise (Chris Shape Remix)view

The album cover was designed by Su Eko @ Art Mistake, a surreal collage composed with parts of the bodies of the artists featured in the album.



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