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Surrendered to an Audiovisual Experience

Velvet Kills make their return to the stage on 9th of September Village Underground Lisboa.

Photo: Fotoplasta

It's Show Time!

The show sold out and surrendered the audience to an audiovisual experience that emerged the room with incredible energy. Both albums Bodhi Labyrinth and Mischievous Urges performed and melted inside the visual performances and Retropofagia of Astronauta Mecanico.

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The performance opens with 'Bitch Face' leading to a twist on 'Cash and Move' and leaves us craving for more. The video by Art Mistake captured the energies of the evening.

by Art Mistake

"So much fun performing Bodhi Labyrinth album for the first time!!! It was a fantastic way to welcome the new era of Velvet Kills “

by Fotoplasta



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