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Velvet Kills ‘Memory’ EP

Electro-Rock, Electro-Punk, Electronic, EP Review, Hypnotic, Indie, New Music, Psychedelic, Trance

Velvet Kills are an electro punk, electro rock, post wave duo with Su Eko on vocals/bass and Harris Iveson on guitar/synths. The group came to life in 2015, beginning with a chance encounter on a trance dance floor and discovered their mutual love for rock, synths and beige Steinberger guitars. Velvet Kills has since gained a steady following, leading to their debut EP, ‘Memory’ released in March 2016 followed by an Europe Tour.

Their debut EP, ‘Memory’, is a striking, rhythmic , seductive EP that exudes a fantastic mix of sounds and textures that explodes the mind with a euphoric atmosphere of full rich sensual music. The EP begins with the track ‘Rain’ which is an electro rock track full of attitude and oozing cool lustful swagger. With trance dance beats and slick guitars this song lures you into a world of dark alluring psychedelia while Susanna’s deep seductive vocal is captivating and inviting.

‘Clog’ follows again with a confused psychedelic atmosphere. The sound is complex and abstract with the instrumentation taking the attention almost as if the vocals are accompanying the music. It gives the feeling that the room is spinning and you are in a haze surrounded by churning electronic sounds or hallucinating in a dessert with no water.

‘Red Shoes’ calms the tone slightly from the intensity of its predecessor. The track appears more cinematic and dramatic with strings playing a main feature. It has a dark “dooms day” feel with the strings and guitar playing in a call and response manner adding deep undertones to the song.

‘Memory’ finishes the EP in a shadowy tone with soft beats and dynamic synths. The vocals are again deep and luring grabbing the listeners attention. This track has a dark dance quality with light synths at times and lustrous guitar to add a refreshing contrast.

Velvet Kills ‘Memory’ EP is full of driving beats and bewitching textures that are tempting and enticing, with striking seductive vocals, gritty guitars and abstract sounds this EP is an experience and a really solid debut. Look forward to hearing more from Velvet Kills.



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